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Coaching Plans

Personal Development Coaching


  • Phone/Skype/SMS conversations as needed.
  • Unlimited support/ followups by email.
    Together we will look at your life, determine what’s holding you back, what’s brought you down in the past and what you need to achieve future success in every area of your life.
    My goal is to respond to your email as soon as possible, but when it’s not possible it may take up to 36 hours. That is excluding weekends and holidays.
  • No contract to sign or long-term commitment. It’s the commitment to yourself and working together that would make the positive change you are looking for in your life.
    As you progress we’ll get deeper into your soul and uncover the best of you. We’ll inspire you to set goals and paths for success, taking charge of your life.
    No matter how successful you are or how many good things you have in your life, there’s always something that you want to make better.
  • Dreams are messages that can help and guide you in making future decision. I can identify false and true dreams and help you with interpreting them.
  • Price will not increase as long as you are on automatic uninterrupted monthly renewal.

Business and Personal Development Coaching

bpdc-1 As a business owner or executive, you have responsibilities to keep the business profitable and steer it towards growth. Competition from the outside and maybe from peers eyeing for your position may threaten you, and you are looking for opportunities and advantages. I’ll coach you to achieve greater leadership skills. With long experience in business analysis and project management, I can guide you in the right direction so you can make the business decisions that are best for you. This plan includes everything described in the personal development plan, plus the following:

  • Phone/Skype/SMS conversations as needed.
  • Unlimited support/followups by email.
  • Leadership coaching. How to deal with your peers, managers and employees. Learn where to be sensitive to others and when to be firm.
  • Quick respond to emails during working days and business hours, following New York time (EST).

Extra Services

Extras for all plans

  • Phone sessions can be scheduled using the link above “Session Scheduling.”
  • Face-to-face session in New York City. Check “Session Scheduling” link.

Extras for business development plans

  • Develop projects charter. Analyze risks, determine strengths, find weaknesses and threats to your projects as well as opportunities.
  • Business process analysis and suggestions for improvements.
  • Business innovations. We’ll look at what you have and find ways to innovate and improve profitability of your business and projects.

Quotes and SLAs for extras upon request.